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Thread: hydroboost problem

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    hydroboost problem

    56 Chevy 210 wagon LS
    10 mile drive brakes locked up
    1st 95 Astro hydro salvage yard 2nd & 3rd RM Cardone hydro
    Wilwood 1" MC & PV

    54 Chev LS W/hydro perfect
    67camaro LS W/hydro perfect

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    Welcome to the site. I'd be looking at other components besides the HB since you've changed it twice. What exactly do you mean by "locking up"? What type of brakes are you using front and rear and which is locking up?

    Is this a HB kit you bought or parts you put together yourself? Is the MC designed for your type of brakes? The 1" MC seems small for power brakes.
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    I have been researching Hydroboost setups and if you have your pressure lines wrong or pressure where it should not be, your brakes can lock at the corners

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    As was discussed in the other current hydroboost thread, the pushrod between the hydroboost and master cylinder may be too long. This could result in the brakes dragging because the master cylinder is partially applied when your foot is off the pedal. This would get worse as the brakes heated up.

    Having the pushrod too long might also cause a problem with bleeding the brakes, but if somehow the brakes were already bled, or done with a pressure bleeder, then the dragging could occur.

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    56 210 is third install
    1st CPP HB kit on 67 Camaro Conv perfect
    2nd assembled used Astro HB and used MC parts on 54Chev lo rider perfect
    3rd install 56 210 used Astro HB Gm calipers 11" rotors new Wilwood 1" MC brakes self apply after 12 miles 6 different trips
    Ordered new RM cardone HB ordered 1 1/8"Wilwood MC after talking with Summit racing


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