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Thread: Relocating brake master cylinder off firewall

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    Probably not room under the dash for these but another option to keep the master cylinders out of the engine compartment.


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    Thanks to all who have posted here! Excellent ideas and I really appreciate the pics. Regarding the hydroboost option...... All of them I have seen in OEM installations have the cylinder on the engine side and I was going to ask if the unit can be clocked (rotated) so as to move the cylinder away from the engine to gain clearance. Thanks to Laszlo for pics of hydroboost with cylinder in 2 o'clock position......

    I might mention that besides retro-fitting a hydraulic master and slave cylinder to operate the clutch (bad knees + Langdon split exhaust manifolds drop right into the OEM '57 mechanical clutch linkage)...... I am looking at ways of adding a servo assist (booster) to the hydraulic clutch setup, as well. Might consider hydroboost for both brakes and hydraulic clutch if there is room to do so. Have no plans to add power steering to the '57, but could mount a power steering pump just to serve the 2 hydroboost units if I go that way. What do you think?

    Found some pics of mods to my 2-piece intake on another thread. This should give you an idea of how it is configured. You can click on the pics to enlarge them and get a better look.

    Inboard half is unmodified......

    Outboard half is modified to fit downdraught carbs......

    Each half of intake spaces it 5" out from where it bolts up to the 292 head, so need 10" side clearance on drivers side (plus) to clear brake master cylinder......


    Best regards to all,


    P.S. >>> I will also take a look at relocating pedals and master cylinders under toe boards. But if I can work out clearance issues whilst keeping hanging pedals on firewall, will do that. Thankfully, the engine will torque over towards the passenger side under hard acceleration. But with the 292 trial fitted, I have less than 1/2" clearance from Weber intake to OEM '57 (non-power) brake master cylinder with 292 engine in same position as the 235 it will replace. And that is without allowing much needed space to fab and mount throttle linkage for the 3 Weber carbs.

    FWIW...... With this type intake on an inline 6, carbs must be mounted with throttle shafts parallel to the crankshaft. And in order to position fuel bowls of the DCNF carbs inboard so adjusting screws will be outboard and accessible, the direction of linkage pull must change 90 degrees (from front to back and then to outboard side pull)...... And then reverse 180 degrees in the side pull to allow mounting carbs with floats inboard.

    I may be able to 'fudge' a bit when fabbing the front engine mounts to shift the 292 an additional 1/4" towards the passenger side, but that's about it without butchering the firewall and trans tunnel. In any case...... It will be tight with both intake and exhaust on the drivers side. But I'll get it done one way or the other. Many thanks for your help and ideas, guys!
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