Thanks, Bama and bigblock! Appreciate your kind words and well wishes. We all did our part whatever that turned out to be. And that's all that matters. I must say the first time someone thanked me for my service, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Wasn't that way in the '60s and '70s. Once I recovered my composure, I thanked them and decided that whether it was to make up for how things had been when we returned Stateside 50 years ago or whether it was simply a good natured belated 'Welcome Home'...... Their sentiments were genuine and the proper response on my part would be to graciously acknowledge their greeting.

The only thing that bugs me is if someone wants to call us all 'heroes'. Then I feel compelled to say that I am no hero. The heroes are the 58,000 men whose names are inscribed on 'The Wall'...... Those who gave their all so that guys such as myself could come back home and live out our years and raise our families and remember their sacrifice each and every day. Those are the heroes. Not me.

Best regards,