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Thread: FINALLY got my 55 in the body shop after finding one, but had to wait in line.

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    The car looks much better than it has in decades, but they haven't even started on the body work it still needs, which is way more than I had originally hoped for. The interior of the car will most likely be pretty simple, which will be mostly black, and aluminum, since it will have a cage, 2 race seats, and a little carpet. The other problem is I can't work on the car at all until I get it back, but it's nice not being in my way until this spring hopefully. The shop has a long waiting list, so I'm sure they will want it out of their way by then.

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    Ouch, just got a call from the body shop. I thought I was only coming up on the first $1000, but they are up to 80 hours, and not close to done with additional body work. I currently owe $3710.96. So much for any paint at this point, so I will try and make it look good in black primer for a while. 2 slower moving big guys working on it is not helping, but probably way faster than me for sure. It would take me a couple years, or more. I am wondering how much other people have spent, long before paint? It's adding up fast, and I still have to deal with the front clip yet, and the $1000's for the rest of the shiny shit. I hate cars at the moment, and wish I had a low-emission Horse instead.
    I paid $1800 for the full body shell they are working on, so hopefully it will be a little cheaper than a new reproduction, which still seems stupid.
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    My perspective and I do all my own body work, except paint. I am equiped to shoot in my shop, but I havent laid color since the lacquer days.

    I just had a color match, and body finish and spray on my 55 Wagon, tailgate and lift gate. The color is close, and paint work is slightly above average and the cost was $1000. To shoot a whole car is easily $7-$10k.



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    MY painter is actually a full-service rod shop and he charges $65 per hour for labor plus $5 per hour for basic supplies (sandpaper, masking tape, etc.). If they're using decent epoxy primer it's $250-350 a gallon. Good thing you don't have any custom fabrication or metalwork.. You're getting off cheap.
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