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Thread: 06 GTO LS2 ignition switch anti theft sensor bypass ??

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    06 GTO LS2 ignition switch anti theft sensor bypass ??

    bought a 06 gto to use in my 55 wagon. not going to use gto ign switch going to use gto harness. would also like to use gto sound system does anyone know how to bypass the coded ign key system ??
    on another build i installed a 02 lm7 in my 40 ford all i had to do to bypass key switch sensor was to snip 2 wires and install a .08 resistor in line is there a simple cure like this ?? or what needs to be done. also does gto radio have a antitheft device built in if so how to bypass that also thanx for help john
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    You have to shut down the security system in the ecu too. If you do that, you won't need any tricks with the ignition switch. You must buy tuning software or take the car (or ecu) to a tuner who does.

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    E40 pcm?


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