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Thread: Weber 42 DCNF carbs, matched set of 4

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    Weber 42 DCNF carbs, matched set of 4


    Have a nice set of Italian made Weber 42 DCNF carbs. Original to early '80s Maserati Quattroporte. Low mileage. In very good condition.

    Have Maserati intake as well.

    Asking $1,000 firm for carbs + shipping. Will include intake at no additional charge if you need it.

    These are a matched set of OEM carbs. Will not separate carbs.

    Payment by US Postal MO if shipping. Cash on delivery if local pick up. I am in Houston, Texas area.

    Thanks for your interest,

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    Thinking outside the box, but you might look for a VW site or a foriegn sports car site and have better luck Harry. I'll keep it in mind too.

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