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Thread: Do you get daily emails from Donald J Trump?

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    Do you get daily emails from Donald J Trump?

    I have never donated a penny to any political candidate. But since I'm registered as Repub, I guess i made the short list of people who get DAILY EMAILS for fundraising.

    They come as such personalized emails...but always asking for money.

    Do you guys get these too?

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    Nope. We are independents, but here in Texas, must register based upon which primary we participate in (Democrat or Republican). So our voter registration reads 'Republican'.

    We do get the usual RNC literature in the mail, though. The stuff that begins with what purports to be a 'survey' and after several pages morphs into a request for money.

    We never contribute to the RNC. And most assuredly not to the hate America crowd at the DNC!

    We only contribute directly to the campaign funds of specific candidates we support. So we send Ted Cruz's campaign fund $25 bucks a year and that's it. If we could figure out how to send $25 bucks directly to President Trump's campaign fund without it being diverted to the RNC slush fund for 'establishment' Republican anti-Trumpers...... We would.

    Best regards and good luck getting off the E-mail list,

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    I get snail mail requests for money from Melania. Donald too.

    In TX there's actually no voter "registration", but if you vote Republican in a primary, you get mail and spam phone calls from the RNC and Republican candidates and office holders, local, state and national. Your mailing address is provided to them by the state or maybe the county. I think they then get your phone number from the telephone company if you have a listed land line. When you vote in a primary, you pick which ballot you get. I suppose if you switched at some point, you'd get mail and spam phone calls from everyone.

    In a perfect world, politicians would outlaw spam phone calls. It's never going to happen. I guess it's better to have that than abolish the electoral college. Which by the way won't happen either.

    I've never shared my email address with a politician or any government entity, so at least I don't get spam email.
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    Yes, I get them but I forward all the ones I get to Nancy Pelosi! (J/K)...


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