So while trying to get the fender bolts loose without twisting them off I worked on stripping the the trunk lid while soaking the bolts with WD 40.

A couple of small dents to pull out near the bottom along with the area under where the latch housing bolts on which was over tightened as some point. But overall not to bad.

A crack by the hinge pad will need to be welded up.

Quite a bit of rust to repair in the bottom edge.

Finally got all the bolts loose to get the fender off with only 1 twisted off. hopefully I can drill out the caged nut on that one so I don't have to replace it.

A better look at the damage on the lip with the fender off. Previous weld will need to be ground off.

Old weld ground out ready to start trying to straighten it out.

View from the other side shows how wavy it is.

Looking a little better now. Took some work with a pick hammer and using a c-clamp vise grip with a piece of pipe that just fit in the wheel lip and 1/4" rod to work it out and then welding up the original crack to get it in better shape.

View from the other side with some of the dents worked out as well.

Since it was a pretty nice day today I did some media blasting. The front part of the fender will need some rust repairs in the lip area where it bolts to the body. I did some light blasting on the inside of the fender also to make it easier to see where to bump up the fender from the inside to remove the creases.

The before picture of the damage behind the tire. After picture to come at a later date!!

After media blasting even more holes so this will need to be replaced with new metal. It doesn't look like there was ever any drain holes in the bottom of the deck lid so it's surprising the rust isn't a lot worse than it is.
So it doesn't look like I will be running out of things to do on this project anytime soon!!! Guess that's a good thing during these crazy times.