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Thread: window moldings 55 Belair

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    window moldings 55 Belair

    putting my car back together and came across a problem. All of the side window moldings snapped into place except the top molding on both the pass and drive side. it almost snaps into place, but doesn't.

    Has anyone experienced this problem ? Any solution? Tom

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    Assume this is a sedan. The moldings for the doors don't have the "snap" the rest of them have. All have fasteners and don't rely 100% on the "snap" to hold them in place.

    Again, I am assuming that it does go fully in place, it just doesn't snap when doing it. As opposed to not going fully in place (too much "snap" if you will). If they won't go in place, pressure with the heel of your hand and thumb should make it happen.


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