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Thread: No keys for my 56

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    No keys for my 56

    I have no keys for my 56. I can't remove the ignition switch without a key to find the lock number . I understand a lock smith can may key with this lock number. On a 56 is the door key the same as the ignition key? What about the trunk? Thanks, Stan

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    If all locks are original, you can get the code from the door locks or trunk lock.

    If you can find an old locksmith, he may have a key that will work well enough to remove the ignition lock cylinder. Reputedly, back in the day, dealers had a set of 14 or 15 master keys that would unlock anything.

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    When I got my 56 in the early 70s it took two keys. I got all locks and a matching key from a 56 at junkyard. Fast forward 35 years to my 55 no keys, I removed all locks and had them keyed to same key as my 56.

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    I did the same, had all locks re-keyed, now one key does it all.


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