That is certainly a problem with voter roles not being kept current and Democrat operatives regularly exploit every possible opportunity to steal elections and that includes dead people 'voting'. Many times if they can get away with it. When my Mom-in-Law's vote was stolen in 2016, the state of Texas determined that no fewer than 6 bogus ballots had been mailed in under her name.

I agree 100%....... Any mail-in ballot should be asked for and only sent to a person who has proved they are the person requesting the ballot, they are a legal voter (US citizen, not a convicted felon) and above all...... Alive! Especially alive!

And of course, ballots requested by those 65 and older and those incapacitated and unable to physically go to the polls in person. With documentation.

In my own case, I will be a couple weeks shy of 73 when we vote next. I must use crutches to get around and I am in a lot of pain. But I will stand in line and vote in person during early voting so long as I can physically do it. Same as every year. If anyone has a mind to steal my vote...... I'll make them work for it. And if they do...... I'll hunt them down to the ends of the earth.

Best regards,