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Thread: "1955,56,57, Tail Gate Nomad hinges in steel."

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    "1955,56,57, Tail Gate Nomad hinges in steel."

    All the Manufacture's who have been long making 1955,56,57, steel hinges for the regular station wagon's have to do is" Keep some aside and drill, and tap the three holes in the Nomad Pattern "instead of the regular wagon pattern. This is not Rocket science, the hinge is all ready being made , and it's just the positioning of the three tapped holes that would make it 100% correct for the Nomad. It's impossible to remove the old pins out of a used nomad hinge for re-building. Everyone say's just get a billet Aluminum one?

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    Do you need new hinges? Are yours missing? or ?
    Have you called one or more of those 'hinge manufacturers and asked?

    Alternative: Run a Wanted Ad for original Nomad hinges.. you'll likely get some hits..

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    Another option would be to weld the holes shut in a wagon hinge, (New or used) and re-drill them to the Nomad pattern.

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    I think I have my originals....since I replaced them with the polished aluminum ones from MadMooks...
    are you interested in working out a deal if so?
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