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Thread: Defund the Police

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    Defund the Police

    I can't believe they are trying to Defund the Police !! What the hell are people thinking ????

    IMO I think all the police need Walkout for 7 Days to show these idiots what would happen .

    Sad day in America

    Regards Sid

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    Obviously it's only criminals who want that Sid....

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    Defund the police?!? Holy guacamole...... That would play right into the hands of the very anarchists, thugs and globalists who are presently attempting to create chaos in our nation and thereby destroy the very fabric of society, law and order. The police are the thin blue line who put their lives on the line each and every day to stand between law abiding citizens and criminals such as they.

    I have a better idea, Sid...... Let's defund BLM! And those behind them...... Soros, et al.

    Charge every one of them who were at any of the riots with arson, theft, assault, murder, incitement to riot and any other charges that may apply to the results of their actions.

    No bail. Keep them under lock and key where they belong. Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Make examples of the leaders. Keep them locked up and pretty soon, there will be a shortage of anarchist rioters (AKA domestic terrorists) for Soros to continue his plans to bring chaos and anarchy to our nation.

    And that goes for their master George Soros and every one of his surrogates who funded them, transported them and aided them in any way! That whole lot of them should be prosecuted under the RICO statutes as well as for terrorism.

    Just sayin'......

    'G-d Bless The U.S.A.'...... Lee Greenwood......


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    Sid, I suggested that very thing to my wife when we first heard about defunding the police. Let's see how the first week goes......
    First, they wanted to take away our guns, now get rid of police............I need to buy more ammo..........

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    Looks like even Biden and the national Dem leadership knows this is no good, and they are trying to walk it back. But Pelosi and her leftist crew want to limit the cops, and have introduced a bill to do that. That probably has dim chance of passing the Senate, and even dimmer chance of Trump signing it - unless of course they can throw Trump out.

    Remember that cops in Europe and particularly the UK are typically unarmed - we sure don't want to go there.

    George Floyd's funeral today had police protection and police traffic control. I guess that's OK.


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