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Thread: UGH... TAX TIME approaches~!

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    UGH... TAX TIME approaches~!

    Just a reminder note for those who, like myself, quit working on their tax returns back in March when they gave us another few months! We have ONE WEEK left .. from today. Due date 15 July 2020


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    newsflash: the IRS is F'd up...but file anyways before the July 15 deadline.

    I filed mine late in March. To this day, still can't confirm they have it, still waiting on the free Covid money, still unable to even successfully log into the IRS site to confirm anything.
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    Roger that, WagonCrazy! We mailed ours certified as we always do on 15 April. Rec'd the confirmation that it arrived at IRS in Austin on 17 April and like yourself, we have not rec'd our refund nor can we get through to them either online nor by phone. My wife works for a computer software company and she even tried a workaround...... No go. IRS (via automated response...... Cannot get a warm body on the phone)...... Claims to have 'no information' regarding our refund check. They won't even acknowledge that they rec'd it even though we have proof that it arrived over 3 months ago.

    Apparently, all resources are tied up at IRS dealing with the stimulus checks. We did receive ours a while back and wife's Mom who is 93 and in an assisted living facility got a very small amount on a card. So now we have to get to her bank and figure out how much it is exactly and somehow transfer it into her bank account.

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    Like you BamaNomad, I quit working on my April 15 filing when they announced the extension to July. But I owe them a small amount. If I had a refund coming I would have filed long ago.

    Not surprising that the stimulus checks have diverted their attention. But you'd think that would be over by now. Maybe they are stalling just like I am.


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