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Thread: My Solution-57 Jack

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    My Solution-57 Jack

    Since my 57 did not have a jack when I bought it I had always used a floor jack in the garage or shop when changing a tire. Don't trust bumper jacks much so never looked for a 57 bumper jack. Being as the 57 is getting closer to being totally restored and road worthy was thinking it would become an issue out on the road for a drive. Just on a whim I tried using the jack from my '88 Chevrolet Caprice / B body. It worked great ! The angled pad is spring loaded to adjust to height as the car rises. I currently have 215/70/15s on 7'' rally wheels on all four corners. Raised the front wheel and rear wheel just fine with plenty of clearance on the rear wheel well opening for tire removal. I now have one for my 57 and for my '71 Chevelle after a trial use on it also. Bought two jacks at swap meets and feel very comfortable using them if needed. Just thought would pass it along if anyone has an interest.
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    Good plan carried one of those in the trunk of my 67 Camaro SS350 on the Power Tour a couple years back.

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    I have one and have used it around the garage on my '55

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    thanks for tip.
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    Thanks, Dualfours! Great tip and much appreciated. I have my original '57 bumper jack which is complete except for the jack handle is missing. But I will never use a bumper jack again. Had one slip out from under a '55 Chevy pickup 50 years ago without warning. Hit me in the temple and knocked me out cold for some time.

    When I came to, I remembered that my Dad had been killed in a rollover when I was only 3. January, 1951 returning to Beaumont, Texas from the VA hospital in Houston. He would have survived the crash, but had a bumper jack stowed loose under the seat of the '39 Chevy delivery van he was driving. It hit him in the temple when the van rolled and that's what killed him. Exact same side and place I was hit in 1970. That's why I will never use a bumper jack and that is why I never leave loose stuff under the seat.

    And though she never told me why, that is why my Mom made me park the '39 Chevy coupe I bought when I was in high school behind the barn so she wouldn't have to see it. Only learned the details from newspaper clippings after she passed. All Mom told me when I was old enough was that Dad being a former race car builder and driver had taught her what to do if 2 wheels ran off the pavement onto a soft shoulder and she could not understand why he was not able to keep the van from rolling. And that the only mark on his body was where the jack hit him. And how the insurance agent had gone to the coroner and had him change his report to read 'possible heart attack' so they would not have to pay her (there was no autopsy). Actually, after reading the news clippings from 1951 that my Aunt gave me in 1990, it was clear to me that Dad had sleep apnea, same as me. Only they didn't know about such things in 1951.

    And no...... I could never own another '39 Chevy. It would remind me of Dad every time I would see it. And no...... Nothing that has transpired over the past 69 years since the insurance man cheated Mom out of the little bit of insurance money she had coming has changed my opinion of insurance and insurance people, either.

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