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Thread: Interior Floor Insulation?

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    Interior Floor Insulation?

    Anyone used a floor insulation for the heat and sound reduction in their tri-five? I cleaned and wire brushed my floor which is now solid again after a replacement of the rear seat floor sections. Sealed the floor but am now thinking would be the time to install some sort of heat and sound barrier, just don't know what to use. Looking for some real world experience here from members as to what to use and what to stay away from. Also an idea of just how much insulation / square footage amount I would need for a 2 door sedan.

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    I install a 'dynamat' or similar material on the large flat areas to reduce resonance of the floor (sound) and then between that and the carpet, installed a material like this which provides extra heat insulation.

    I did a search and found out that Home Depot carries that material, which LOOKS like the same as I usually buy thru auto distributors or at car shows. This is used for its thermal (heat) insulation properties.
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    I first sprayed my floor with LizardSkin (don't worry, overspray is limited, I masked off about a foot and no problems.) Then I got some Cool Mat from Summit and coated the whole floor. It seems like I had 3 boxes to do the entire floor.


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