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Thread: Newman Car Creations C4 Rear End Picture Request

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    Newman Car Creations C4 Rear End Picture Request

    I am just now getting around to installing the rear end components in my Newman C4 conversion and I cannot seem to remember how to install the rear sway bar and linkage.

    I know that the sway bar is installed "upside down" meaning that the bar curves downward so as to make room for the mufflers however I cannot seem to remember how the sway bar linkage connects to the lower shock rod contraption.

    Does anyone have a picture of their working installation that they can share?


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    I have a RR Frames C4 chassis which is very similar. I haven't installed the rear bar yet, but I plan on leaving it off at first to see how the car handles. If it feels like it need more rear roll stiffness, I will try and install it. With mine I got 2 small tabs that weld on to the lower shock mounting stud, and apparently the end-link connects to that.


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