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07-15-2011, 02:42 PM
Safety must be the number one concern in any body or repair shop. It only makes sense to observe a few precautions. Doing so yields big dividends. Here are a few simple "Do's" and "Don'ts" to follow.

Do loosen large bolts and other fasteners before putting your vehicle on a jack stand or lift. Otherwise you may pull the vehicle off the jack or lift.

Do put your vehicle in Park, or place the transmission in Neutral with the parking brake applied before starting it.

Do slowly remove the filler cap on your radiator using a cloth to protect your hand from hot gases and to avoid getting scalded.

Do make sure oil, coolant and transmission fluid is cool before draining it.

Do get help when attempting to lift or move a heavy object.

Do use wrenches and other tools that are newer and that fit parts to avoid slipping and injuries.

Do make sure engine and exhaust parts are cool before grasping or attempting to remove parts.

Do wear a dust mask when working around any type of particles suspended in the air. This includes brake dust; plastic, body-filler or paint from grinding; or welding smoke.

Do wear eye protection when using power tools like an electric drill, bench grinder, sander or similar tool.

Do use protective lotion on your hands before undertaking especially dirty jobs. Lotion protects your hands from infection but also allows dirt to be removed more easily. Avoid applying so much lotion that your hands are slippery and therefore unsafe.

Do remove loose-fitting clothing like ties and scarves before working near moving parts to avoid material getting caught.

Do remove jewelry, rings, and watches before working on or near vehicles or parts.

Do keep your work area neat and clean to avoid help people avoid falling and other potential injuries.

Do have someone periodically check on you if you work alone to make sure you are safe.

Do wipe up oil and other liquids immediately before so