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02-19-2013, 05:54 AM
Cut the fingers off an old glove..2 needed (three, if you've a TEXAS pair of pliers)
Place on the grip surfaces of the pliers to avoid marring your work surfaces on parts.

A cut off piece of old broom handle (oak) will act as a handle on your files..Saves punching your palm
An old door knob with the set screw will act as a file handle also.

Soak a whetstone in kerosene to clean

When you use a chisel, use a pair of vice grips to hold & avoid a mis-strike from hitting your hand. Or push the chisel thru a ball or tennis ball --hang onto that

Use a C - clamp in your vise to hold small work steady

To drill a pilot hole with no slips, make a v notch in a piece of scrap 2 X 4. Add an old screen door handle for grip. Place the tool against the surface to drill and use the v - notch as a guide.

Crush an old aluminum can to for a V. Use that as a portable base to lay your hot soldering iron on.

Wipe the blade of your measuring tape with wax paper to lubricate it.

02-21-2013, 06:09 AM
some scratches on plastic can be removed with jeweler's rouge

the abrasive in toothpaste will do the same on plastic

grease from cooking can be a good lubricant for drill bits

add a straightened paperclip to an oil squirt can tip -

allows the oil to run down the clip for those hard to reach places

if you get tired of the sound of hammering nails, put your thumb over the nail head & bang away--just checking on ya

sorting nuts & screws - pour them into a dust pan - easy to pour back into the container

old plastic bottles - get from your pharmacy - can become tool holsters on the wall. remove cap - cut holster shape, hang upside down for drills, hammers, etc.

Add a door see through peep hole to your garage door at eye level. That way when you leave the light on in the garage - you will notice it from inside the house and can save some electricity. Also helps if you hear a strange noise in the night in the garage without exposing yourself to any potential threat.

Use a C - clamp on the roller rails for the garage door to prevent doors use by a thief.

take a video or pictures of your garage (home too) monthly & store off site (car trunk works well) ---no one saves a list or keeps the receipts --proof for your insurance company in case the worst happens.

03-05-2018, 08:08 PM
A spare oil can filled with MMO is helpful for removing rusted hardware - works great as a penetrating oil.

A 75/25 mix of rubbing alcohol and water placed in an old Windex bottle will clear frosted windows on a cold morning. A few sprays and the window will magically clear. And you can keep the bottle in the vehicle - it won't freeze.

If you are a part-time painter and have HLVP guns, you know you have to have something to hold the gun for filling. Those cheap paint gun holders that have to be screwed to something can be turned into a portable one by cutting the bottom 2"-3" from a one gallon bleach bottle, then placing the holder in it and filling it with fast-setting concrete.

I use a lot of razor blades in the garage cutting templates for sheetmetal and lexan work plus opening all those packages of performance parts. Sometimes I might use a blade just once so it's still good but finding a place for it until the next use can be a challenge. I finally took one of those refrigerator magnets and super glued it with the bottom up on my pegboard. Now I have a place for my razor blade and I don't worry about finding it accidentally!

If you have an electric door opener in your garage, you have the perfect spot for a retractable trouble light. Most door openers are hung from angle iron pieces and have a 120v source close by for plugging in the opener. Mount your retractable light to the iron work and plug it in.