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03-14-2017, 02:31 PM
Just wondering if anyone has had the chance to evaluate the Flaming River FR306KT R&P kit, designed specifically for the tri five chevys? Pros or Cons.
Thinking of the change and some of the extra mods needed afterwards, for my 56 210. Thanks.


03-14-2017, 06:17 PM
It will work OK. You'll need to verify that it will clear your oil pan. May be a problem if you have a big block or a small block with the engine moved forward. You absolutely need to use the shorter steering arms that are available (might be included, don't know). The biggest hassle with an R&P conversion like this is clearance between the steering shaft and the exhaust. It's always tricky. You will very likely need 3 u-joints and a bearing mount for one of them on the frame. You'll need an aftermarket column or modifications to the stock one, adding bearing on the end.

Have you considered a power steering box like the CPP500 or the Borgeson? They are much cheaper and easier to do a complete installation. They also have the same "feel" as the rack will have.

I think you'll have some bump steer with the conversion. Pretty much unavoidable.

Rack and pinion is fine with a complete front suspension change where your new suspension is originally engineered for rack and pinion. I.e., a C4 conversion, an aftermarket frame, most any clip, etc. With these, the R&P unit is engineered to work with the suspension, and it shouldn't have bump steer. You still have the routing problem with the steering shaft past the exhaust. But since most of these are front steer, the headers that fit may be different from what's needed for a rear steer conversion.

03-16-2017, 12:31 AM
Thanks Rick. That answers a lot of questions in my mind. I have looked at the CPP500, but have been leaning toward American Powertrain Electronic power steering package, instead of the hydraulic operated system. It works well with a manual steering box and don't have to worry about hoses and possible leaks.