View Full Version : Early 605 Question

05-29-2020, 07:55 AM
Can the inverted cone flare on the high pressure side port be removed and replaced? If so does it require a special tool? The 605 box is installed on my '55.
Thanks, Bob

05-29-2020, 08:31 AM
I'm not 100% sure on a 605, but most inverted flare ports have a brass cone seat that can be replaced. Use a bolt extractor to remove it. Once you get it out, your next challenge is to find a replacement. Used to be you could find the brass cone seats at auto supplies, but I haven't had any luck recently. If you have access to a lathe or know a machinist, it's easy enough to make a new one, copying the dimensions of the original.

05-29-2020, 12:54 PM
Just received a pair of CPP o-ring fitter adapters 605SOL and they don't fit.

05-29-2020, 01:13 PM
I looked at the Summit listing for that part. It appears to be an adapter to go from metric bubble flare to inverted flare. Is that what you want to do? Late year 605 boxes have that scheme, while early year ones had inverted flare.

Or did you want to repair a damaged inverted flare cone seat?

05-31-2020, 03:12 PM
I would like to repair the damaged inverted flare cone seat if possible.

06-06-2020, 11:11 AM
Do your self a favor and replace to whole thing with a 500 box.