Front Tire Width Calculator For The 55-57 Chevrolet
Help with the right size tires, wheels and spindle combination.
Vehicle Information
Numbers must be entered as decimals, example 71 1/4" would be entered as 71.25.
Front fender inner lip width Measure at the top of the fender inside to inside 70 ~ 72" is the stock measurement
Quick pick for wheel mounting surface width
Front wheel mounting surface width Measure with disc/drum in place Approximately 59 1/2 " is the stock measurement
Clearances appear to be good, but, double check with the tires on the car.

Tire and Wheel Information
Metric Tire size
Tire width in inches change metric size only
Wheel width 15" x 7" wheel width would be 7"
Wheel back space must be a decimal 4 1/4" would be 4.25
Tire clearance
Tire clearance to front lip on fender
Over all width outside to outside tire should be 68" or less on a dropped front end