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Thread: Car Theft Prevention Suggestions...

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    I really hate to even 'slow down', much less stop overnight, while traveling thru KC...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WagonCrazy View Post
    I agree with Rick here. When someone wants your car bad enough, they will get it. They just tow it off...
    A big heavy theater chain. The links are over 1/2” diameter grade 100 about 15 feet long. Too big and hard for a bolt cutters. I have a hardened tow loop bolted and welded to the frame I attach the 3 1/2” long link over it and heavy 7/16” bolt lock. Turn the wheel after done to inhibit access. Loop the other end around a pole and lock that end too or feed back to loop. No saw will cut it and plasma cutter, a die grinder or cut off wheel would be required. Not something a thief to cause unnecessary noise wants to be doing.

    The whole idea is to just keep the thief moving on looking for something easier.
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