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Thread: need rear end lifted

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    need rear end lifted

    hello im semi new to tri five owner ship. my first was a 55 that i sold befor i could complete it. but i bought a 56 gasser in running condition. my problem is that i bought a wheel set but need to raise the rear to make these wheels fit. it has a 12 bolt with leaf springs no shocks. i have shackles but when i moved it to the bottom hole in hope to raise the rear i still didnt have enough clearance. actually the spring started to bend. so i figure bad springs. i was advised to just add air shocks to raise it. is this a good idea??

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    Welcome aboard! I would not consider air shocks

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    Back in the old days, we resorted to 4 X 6 chunks of wood. Don't think that will solve your problems though. Nix on the air shocks also as they are notorious for suddenly loosing air & dropping the body onto the tires.

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    hi Omar and welcome. good to have you here. maybe try www.summitracing.com.
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    Air shocks worked, but ride was rough and need to watch the trunk mounting holes, they won't take to much abuse. Better to use springs arched to raise the rear. I once moved the housing from above the springs, to below, but that was way to high!!


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