Earl's Classic Chevy BBC ~$600 Uncoated, equal length 2" tube Dimple header Nice headers, did not match exh port shape well.
THERMALTECH # T8023C BBC $375 Full length 1 7/8- 3 collector Tight
Tri-5 R&D BBC $580.00 uncoated 2inch Mandrel bent primarys,Ball Collectors3in,3/8 Flanges Yes it fits Fits Unisteer R&P and 605 conv. use TCI side mnt kit for B/B chevy 1 and 1/4 inch fwd
Williams Classic Chassis Works BBC $779 Coated/$624 uncoated Full length, 2 Primary, 3 1/2 coll Yes it fits
CC55 Ceramic coated block hugger shorty SBC 375.00 Short Block Hugger - 3 collector Yes it fits
Doug's Headers #D356 coated SBC $600-$635 1 5/8" Primaries, 2 1/2" collector Yes it fits See frame notes
Earle Williams Coated SBC 569-839 Full length 1 3/4 x 30 3 collector Grind Box head to header flange is superior extra cost was saved in other areas
Flowtech Afterburners BIG491001 ceramic coated/ BIG49100 non coated version SBC Non coated 150/ Coated 239 Full unequal length Do not know CCI Rack Pinion with Borgeson Steering Shaft
hedman SBC Do not know
Hedman #68400 painted SBC 109.00 Block Hugger- 2.5 collector Do not know
Hooker Competition 2458 SBC 159.00 Full length 1 5/8 primaries 3 collector Yes it fits Stock motor mounts yes
Hooker Super Comps 21121 Ceramic coated SBC dont know Full length 1 3/4 x 30 3 collector Does not clear
Hooker Super Comps, ceramic coated, PN 2110 SBC approx 400.00 1-3/4" full length, 3 collector Grind Box
patriot SBC $275-$299 Do not know
Patriot (Pertronix) H8025 SBC $275 and $299 coated Intermediate length 1 5/8 primaries 2 1/2 collector Yes it fits glide mounts should have removed them still worked ok
S&S out of Phoenix, ceramic coated, 3/4 length, 3" collectors SBC $350 3/4 length, 2 1/2 inch collector Yes it fits
Sanderson Qp1000 coated SBC 500 Shorty Yes it fits
sanderson, C-56 coated SBC $450.00 3/4 length Yes it fits Ground clearance depends on how you bend the exhaust to clear glide mounts