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Thread: RE: tire height chart

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    Thank You!

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    William, For 1957 all the passenger cars came with 14" dia x 5" width wheels. The original tires were 7.50 x 14, and were between 78-80 series (profile). The closest profile size available today is likely a '75' series. Probably the closest modern day size to that is a 195/75R14. If you want to be slightly wider, then you could probably go with a 205/75-R14. I would recommend going with the 205/75-R14 in a radial (either black wall or white wall). One many use which was very inexpensive is the Hankook Optimo (I bought two sets of those for cars of mine which are seldom driven the past couple of years, but these are no longer available. You need to check current availability in your area to find your best deal, Or you can buy thru TireRack, or DiscountTire, or another such company that will ship and install them locally for you.

    If you want the 'original wide white wall look' as well, then there are a couple of company which reproduce such tires, but prepare to pay 2X-3X per tire for them. Coker is one such company but their repro tires are not known for longevity or reliability on the road.

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    My 1985 Cutlass 307 Olds V8 roler cam car came with 195/75/14s with 205/70/14 listed as optional, I now run them.

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