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Thread: Grandpa's 56 rotting away

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    Real vintage!
    The good old days.
    The young people can never understand the joy in this.

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    I'm not sure what prompted the reopening of this old thread, but I'm glad that it happened, as I wasn't on this site when they were posted... What happened to Yotaman?

    I noticed by the VIN on the 'grandfather's '56', that is was a very early Norwood, OH production, but yotaman didn't have a location listed in his profile. AND I really like the white '57 BA ... I'd love to have a solid 57 4-dr to customize... lower it, add AC and all the power, nice interior, nice wheels, and tinted glass... and enjoy driving it daily!

    PS. I have a solid '57 BA 4-dr, but it's way too original to think about customizing it...

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    That '56 is actually not that rotted, for a 65 year-old car. Keeping it under a roof isn't the worst way to store one. Getting plenty of air keps the moisture down.
    It looks like only surface rust, except for a small hole between the front left turn signal lamp and the wheelwell

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    They have both probably sunk about a foot into the ground by now. Unfortunate. I hope I am wrong.
    Glenn Hargrove

    USAF (66-70) Viet Nam Vet

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