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Thread: LS2 to 57 2 Dr Hardtop Conversion Help ?

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    LS2 to 57 2 Dr Hardtop Conversion Help ?

    Hello All,

    Just recently purchased a bone stock 57 2dr hardtop and also just today received an LS2 with T56 tranny.

    There are so many suppliers for Tri-Five to LS engine conversions, my head is spinning on where to go and what are the best options.

    Can anyone out there give me some feedback on engine/tranny mounts, cooling systems, etc.?

    I'm thinking I'll update the rear end to ford 9" or late Camaro if anyone has some tips there.

    Also looking to update to power steering, all steering linkages, A-arm bushings, ball joints, 2" drop spindles, power brakes and 4 wheel disc brakes.

    I know there are many out there who have done all the above and I'm hoping I can take advantage of all your insights and learning's from your experiences.

    Can't wait to get going.................

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    Welcome to the site!

    You can do the LS engine mounts in a couple of ways. First, you can install SBC side mounts and use LS adapter with the standard SBC mount. Another way is to use LS-specific mounts like the ones sold by Street and Performance and other such as Earle Williams. I would go with the latter approach, as the former is suited to an upgrage from a side-mounted SBC.

    I recommend a PRC radiator setup. You can get it with or without the entire support. It has a SPAL dual 11" fan and it's almost a bolt-in with minimal modifications.

    As far as a rearend, I doubt a late Camaro rear would work, if you're referring to a 5th Generation Camaro as "late". I think a Ford 9" rear is overkill for a mild LS2. You could probably continue to use the stock rear and be fine with it, unless you really thrash your car.

    It seems like you're wanting to do a major upgrade to the suspension, steering, and brakes on your chassis. Have you considered a C4 Corvette suspension conversion? Take a look at my website links below for details, and what you gain. A C4 conversion isn't that much more than buying all the bolt-on upgrades and makes the car drive like a modern car. I can make an LS installation a bolt-in.
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