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Thread: Wiring up late model power seats in our tri-5's

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevynut View Post
    Hi Todd,

    Please send me an e-mail through my website"contact us" link and I'll try to help you get your seats working. I have the same seats in my 56 Nomad. I have a bunch of wiring diagrams, but I think you have a simple wiring issue. Also, if you don't have them mounted yet I sell seat mount kits that make them a bolt-in deal....check them out on my website under "misc products":

    Late to the party with my '55 Bel Air build. I am in the same boat. I bought a pair of 2003 SC430 seats. I can get everything to work except for elevating the front and rear. This is for both the driver's and passenger's seats so I'm assuming that the issue is not with the ECU under the seats. I have the blue/white wire to power and the white/black and brown to ground. What am I missing? Also, which wires are for the memory and do I have to do anything with them?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I checked my hand drawn schematic for mine and see that i have the blue/white wires (for each seat) connected to fused 12V battery power, and the white/black and brown to ground. All the controls on my seats work fine with this.
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