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Sounds like this guy is going to take you for a ride.
So far I'd say yes, but I do think he INTENDS to come through on his half of the deal. The problem is how many more years will it take?

It's obvious that he was in a hurry to pump something out to get you off his back and that's exactly what you got.
That's not obvious to me. He told me he's done Nomads before but I have no idea why he would have put the cardboard on TOP of the headliner. He did a nice job of doing it wrong.

I would say if he doesn't show up in Oct. with a very nice headliner to install you should have his bill ready and call another shop to get you in in the spring.
Yes, I need to keep him moving. I just got back home and I'm going to call him to let him know he can come over and install it next week. Last time I talked to him over a week ago he still wasn't sure if he needed to start over with new material....I'm not paying for it.

Lazlo time to take the gloves off with this guy.
I completely agree. If he falls through on more promises the sheet is going to hit the fan. I need consistent progress to be finished by summer.