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Thread: Bees

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    This is so true
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    Speaking of bees, we've been having a lot of problems with them here in my neighborhood. A neighbor 3 doors down from me has a bunch of hives...I counted 76 on Google Earth. Anyhow, the bees always come to a small fountain on our deck to get water...hundreds of them. I opened up the hot tub a few months ago and it was full of thousands of dead bees. I had been taking them out by the handful off of the pump inlet. It got so bad I had to drain the tub and haven't filled it yet.

    We filed a complaint with the county but the neighbor said she helped develop the county guidelines. The way I read them she's supposed to have 26 "colonies". I don't know if that's the same as hives but whatever I think it's too many for our area. The neighbor on the other side of me has a pond and waterfall, and they can't even sit on their patio because of the bees. The guys who clean the pond have refused to come do it anymore because of the bees. He's really upset about it and says he's going to start spraying if it doesn't get better.

    He confronted the beekeeper and she admitted to being out of compliance with too many hives...no numbers were given. Another neighbor said he saw her trailering a bunch of hives away. The problem is, we have no way of knowing if she's in compliance or when she goes out of compliance. The county hasn't said a word about our complaint yet. Personally I think they'll just blow it off.

    Something's gotta give. I like bees, and I'm glad someone is keeping some in our neighborhood. But you can have too much of a good thing too.
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    Bee's are a good thing, but they can bee out of control. I would just "help" her control the population with some bee traps and such! Boy wouldn't it be nice if we could do this with some of the unwanted humans?!?!

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    go through a dozen cans of wasp spray each year, hate them.
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    Had a bunch of some type of Bee (not wasp) out in the yard last week. As close as I got to them they looked somewhat like a honeybee. One snuck around and flanked me and got me on the ear. Dumped about a gallon of unleaded where they were in the yard and haven't heard anymore out of them but am dreading next time I need to mow.


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