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Thread: broken dip stick removal

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    broken dip stick removal

    may be old hat to some of you
    but just had to remove the broken dip stick housing stub on my turbo LS motor ,
    after removing the starter,( now had plenty of room) put a lag bolt in the hole, used a long big screw driver, smacking the bolt at an upward angle, so to engage the threads against the side of the broken dip stick, and promptly
    broke off the lag bolt , lot of colorful language!.

    was fortunate that is was not tight, and was able to remove it with a magnet.( alot easier said, than done)

    so. USE A GRADE 8 BOLT.... put a 1/4 -20 grade 8x 2in bolt in the hole, same hammer, same screw driver.
    and 3 smacks later it was out .
    other bolt are to soft, and bend, and break,
    hope this saves someone from having all the fun I just had.

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    Got any pics of that car and turbo LS engine? I just can't say "motor" for some reason. LOL
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    motor- engine............

    I'm kinda like that feller running for president.
    who cares whats politically correct,

    this was just after getting it running, and needed organizing,
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