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Thread: Preferred Vendors

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    Preferred Vendors

    I would like to get some recommendations and feedback on various vendors you guys have used. I just purchased front and rear springs for my 57 from H&H Classic Parts in Bentonville, Arkansas. Their shipping was reasonable and the parts arrived when they said they would. I looked at springs from Ecklers with a discount code which made the price reasonable. The shipping on a set of rear springs was like $94 which was crazy and I passed. I have seen some stuff on here about Danchuk that was not favorable. I would really like to know about Pete Ciadella Interiors.

    Thanks Guys

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    H&H is a good spot and Ciadella is top notch, give a call to Gina. PM JT56 here, he has their interior in his. I have a full interior here for a 57 and it's very nice.

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    Ciadella sold me a crappy headliner. Not only did the material stretch like an inner tube and make the sections puffy/pillow like instead of tight and flat like a drum, but it had a seam that was sewn zig zagged. Couldn't see the zig zag seam until it was installed. Also I didn't notice right away that near the back the center line on the back side was off center considerably because a section was sewn on off center. That ended up making me try to center the headliner to their mark, but it was off so I ended up pulling a seam apart. The whole thing was trash and Gina didn't want to refund my money. She kept telling me that in all the pictures I sent, she saw nothing wrong except were I tore the seam apart. Eventually I had to tell her that I would post pictures in the O zone and see if anyone there could see the defects. Then suddenly she agreed to refund my money. Funny how she could suddenly see the defects after that. Also funny how a moderator at the o zone told me in a PM that I was being watched for a post about Ciadella!

    I then bought a headliner from Cars Inc and the material and overall quality was top notch. Installation went well, the looks of the material was 100 times better, and I got nice tight as a drum sections between the seams. I've seen pictures of other Ciadella headliners installed and most of them that I saw were pillow like between the seams. Not at all how they are supposed to look.

    Back then they showed pictures of the puffy headliners on their website, but now I don't see them? Maybe they got out of the headliner business? All I know is that after how Gina treated me I would never buy anything from them, and well I'm also sure they wouldn't sell anything to me. LOL

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    For the most part, H&H sells the same parts as Ecklers and Danchuk. The difference is customer service, including what you pay for shipping. The other good thing about H&H for you is that they are much closer to you, saving on both shipping cost and shipping time compared to shipping from either coast. Ecklers manufactures nothing. H&H and Ecklers sell Danchuk manufactured parts. Danchuk does not attempt to underprice their dealers.


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