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Thread: Williams Classic Chassis engine mounts

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    Williams Classic Chassis engine mounts

    Just welded in a set of the NEW Williams side engine mounts in a friends' 56 ; they're about the slickest I've ever seen for workmanship . Love the bushings and the option to go 3/4" forward or not , simply by swityching the mounts side for side . Engine height comes out bang on where the original front mounts had it . Earle's product is the best I've seen . Be safe....Bob.

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    I have a set in my 55 with a big block and they flat out rock. Earle sent me the poly euro-thane bushings and once I bolted that puppy in place and hit it on the dyno, all you seen move was the frame and not the engine. I love em and they easily handle my bighp without any issues at all.

    Link to Earle Williams Mounts

    I have a boat load of his stuff in my car and have a lot of respect for Earle who's a long time gearhead of TriFives
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