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Thread: Time to send in Reinforcements

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    Time to send in Reinforcements

    Just a moment to let those dealing with Cancer know that we have your back.

    I recently became aware of a program to support those dealing with cancer, and their amazing caregivers. The program provides empathy and support for those dealing with this awful disease. With great support from my Company we are working towards offering this great support program to our folks.

    Its an opportunity to fight cancer in yet another way.

    For all those dealing with the Big C; just a moment to say dont give up. You are not alone in how you feel. We know that sometimes when you look well outside that inside you may not feel that well. We support and honor the amazing effort that you give each day just dealing with hassles of everyday life while carrying the burden of the disease.

    We have your back. We always have your back.

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    I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer 9 years ago. I've been thru 4 surgeries, 2 heart attacks (chemo drugs induced) and, since my surgery last Friday, have a total of 8 stents.
    Through it all, one thing I've realized is that it takes three things to get thru this.........great medical staff, a positive attitude, and boatloads of prayers.
    Five and a half years ago, my wife had a heart attack, and they discovered then that she had stage 4 lung cancer. She had no idea. They told me if chemo worked, she might make it a year, if it didn't, she had a month or two. Shows how much they know.......we both sold our business and retired the end of last month.
    Cancer isn't necessarily a death sentence, it can be beaten. I pray every day for everyone going thru Cancer, it isn't pretty.

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    Yes indeed, sounds like a great cause. I have two sisters that survived breast cancer. My girlfriend had a big hole cut out of her leg, but then they had to make a bigger deeper hole. Don't really know how she got skin cancer on the inside of her lower leg. They said she doesn't need any other treatments which was a giant relief for both of us.

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    Buster, it sounds like you've been through a hell of a lot, you and your wife. God bless you both.

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    The BIG C word ,

    My Dad got it in 1994 and also was a sick man with work related COPD . All I can say he stayed STRONG and Lasted Till July 04 2007 The Big C did not kill him the COPD did


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    Thanks for your warm thoughts and comments Scorpion. I am not affected (personally...yet) by cancer, but am surrounded by friends and acquaintances who are or have been. So it's humbling to see such a kind post on the topic here. Best wishes to any of you who are dealing with this, and as Scorpion says "keep up the fight".
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    Thanks to all here for your kind words and well wishes for all who have had cancer. Having had 2 surgeries to remove cancer from inside my ear canal 8 years ago, I wholeheartedly agree with Buster regarding the three things needed to get through this. Thanks, Nick and all who supported me with your prayers and support during that time.

    We must be supportive towards one another and together, we will fight this terrible disease and never give up that good fight.

    G-d bless you one and all,

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