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Thread: Rockauto ROCKS

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    Rockauto ROCKS

    I ordered a driver quality rotor and caliper set from Rockauto, at a great price, and when it arrived I left it boxed until I was ready to do the job. When I got around to opening the boxes I found that one caliper didn't have the advertised zinc coating on it, but I was a few days outside of the 90 day warranty, so I hesitated about doing anything about it.

    I finally decided to send them an email and they replied with a series of questions, which I truthfully answered, and they said I would receive an email when the part ships, at no charge, and no need to return the defective part. I received the shipping notice shortly there after, and the caliper arrived two days later. When returning the caliper cores, they send a shipping label and deduct the shipping charges, which are the same rates as they get from Fedex. The box with the front calipers (3/4 ton truck) was 46 lb, and cost me $8.95, the box with the rear calipers was 34 lb

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    good to hear, CS is important.
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