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Thread: Vin Tags

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    Vin Tags

    Can not believe E bay will let these sell on there site


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    They can probably get away with it because is says they are stamping "your" number. I doubt they are verifying that the buyer of the plate actually owns the car for the numbers provided though.

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    Notice that the seller is not in the U.S.

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    I think it's legal to sell them, but it's illegal to put them on a car in the US unless maybe if you go through some legal procedures. There's nothing that says I can't go to a junk yard and get a bunch of VIN tags if I wanted to.

    "The plate can be used to replace plates that have been damaged or lost. Each country has different rules on what is required for VIN plate replacement, maybe countries do not allow replacements. It is the responsibility of the person ordering the plate to determine if your DOT will approve the use of this plate."
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    There have been companies (or individuals) making / selling VIN plates for years via ebay and otherwise. Most of the ones attempting to be 'legal' require a copy of the Registration/title of the car with the VIN and your name on it, and copy of your drivers license proving who you are'. ... ie proof of whom you are, and proof that you own the vehicle with that VIN.

    PS. That Netherlands company is a new one to me, infact the first foreign company I've seen advertising that. I'm suspecting that a fairly high number of the vehicles sold to Europe have 'faulty' VIN plates, and that might be stimulating the European market for replacement VIN tags??
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    they look fake, but not everyone is familiar with what real ones look like.
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