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Thread: Has anybody that has one, use the Gouging tip on a Plasma cutter?

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    Has anybody that has one, use the Gouging tip on a Plasma cutter?

    Long story, but I need to remove the trailer jack I just welded the shit out of on a friends trailer after putting it where he told me. I have a new Hypertherm 145 plasma with the gouging tips that can be used to blow out a weld. I'm just going to use cut-off wheels since I don't want to practice on this project, but it sure would be nice to know how the plasma gouge cutting works to do that?

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    I haven’t tried it on mine but a good friend of mine told me it works really well to remove welds and requires minimal touch up with a cutoff wheel or Roloc disc to completely remove the weld. if you’re concerned about the aesthetics of the finished product I’d build up a similar weld bead on a piece of scrap with the same thickness and figure out what technique works best.



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