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Thread: planning a 57 LS6 swap

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    planning a 57 LS6 swap

    I have a 57 4 door that currently has a 283 sbc with 4bl carb and a muncie 4 speed. It was a frame off restoration from a few years ago. It has manual steering but power disc brakes. My girls and I drove it all last summer, and it was great with one exception. It was so hot in there on some of the warmer days, my poor girls got hot. so here is my plans and goals. I am absolutely going to continue reading the posts and information on here. I am not a know it all, so please give me any tips or advice if you see anything im doing wrong or could be done a better way. I have a ton of questions, but ill see if i can find answers searching here first. I wont even start the LS swap until i have all the parts in hand and research is done.

    Step 1. Install a vintage air kit. ( on the current motor )
    i have questions on how much work it will be to get this working on the LS6. will i need a new compressor ? lines ? etc

    Step 2. Upgrade the fuel tank with an EFI ready with 255lph pump

    Step 3. Setup an FItech fuel injection on the current motor.
    This motor and FI setup will be used later in a rat rod project so i dont mind spending the money on what seems to be unnecessary.

    step 4 upgrade to power steering. I was going to do rack and pinion, but after reading here, im getting the idea that a 605 may be a better option ? any suggestions here would help.. Also should I wait to do this with the LS swap ? or is it fairly easy to add it now on the current motor and not be too much of a pain to get setup on the LS6 ?

    step 5 LS6 swap with T56.

    the end result I want is my 57 with the LS6, PS, heat AC 6 speed manual.

    Parts list will be updated as i gather information and part numbers.

    1. LS6
    2. T56
    3. BBC bellhousing ?
    4 hydraulic clutch setup
    5 vintage air kit
    6 clutch
    7 oil pan
    8 efi gas tank
    9 FItech system
    10 PS box
    11 PS pump
    to be continued........ls6b.jpg123.jpg

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    Step 1. A big part of the VA install is the evaporator, so changing over to a different ending isn't that big of a deal. I don't know if you need a different compressor, but since you don't appear to have an accessory drive I'd look at the Vintage Air setup or something similar.

    Step 2. Check out Tanks, Inc. for the tank, pump, and sender.

    Step 3. Sounds like a good plan if you have use for the FITech system later.

    Step 4. The consensus seems to be to not use an aftermarket R&P with the newer boxes on the market. Others can give you advice but Borgeson makes a box as does CPP. The 605 is outdated.

    Step 5. Not sure why you want a BBC bellhousing but you need to be sure the T56 you get has the right input shaft length for the bellhousing you want to use. If you buy a T56 set up for an LS you can either use an aftermarket bellhousing (Lakewood, etc.) or a stock aluminum one. Also consider where the shifter is going to sit, and if you want to try to move it forward. If you use a T56 out of an F-body the shifter is WAY back on the tailshaft and won't work with a bench seat. You can get a kit to move the shifter forward but it requires some transmission disassembly as I understand it. Clearly you'll need a different driveshaft, flywheel, and clutch too.

    Step 6. Have fun!
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    Nice looking ride

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    I don't understand the need for a BBC bell either, If SBC had 11 clutch they are the same. The 605 is scrap iron CCP 500 or Boreson are much better options. Did I miss cooling system upgrade.

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    With the LS6, you need to use a T56 from a gen4 Camaro and use its bellhousing or a Quick Time scattershield bellhousing for a gen4 Camaro. Anything else just makes things complicated. Use the hydraulic master cylinder and throwout bearing for a gen4 Camaro too for the same reason.

    And as recommended, the 605 isn't something you want, instead go with the Borgeson or CPP power steering box. Borgeson is preferred.

    A good quality aluminum radiator and a quality electric fan setup are preferred items.

    Plan on using a Holley 302-1 or the clone of it that just came on the market. Stock LS6 pan won't clear the crossmember. The "GMPP" pan will but the sump is too close to the ground if your car is lowered at all.
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    I'll add a quick update here with pics to follow. I will continue to gather parts for this swap and keep updating with progress. I'm not sure what i read about using a BBC bellhousing, but yeah that was not correct lol.....

    1. A/C I ended up getting the Vintage Air Sure Fit V4 kit I believe it was. Got that all installed and went to get it filled. What a great kit, works excellent.

    2. I picked up a T56 transmission from a 2000 Camaro, with bellhousing and the hydraulic clutch assembly. ( need the other side, pedal slave cyl.) I see the shifter relocation kits, which I will get so I can retain my bench seat.

    3. Picked up FITech 650hp boosted version along with the fuel command center. I was going to install this, but to my surprise, even with the AC kicking on and off my car was running excellent. So I still have this which I will use in another upcoming turbo build.

    4. My wife got me some original rear aluminum inserts, so I cleaned them up and installed them.

    5. Found a set of Craigers and tossed them on. really like the way this changed the look of the car.
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