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Thread: 39 Ford Project

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    Today I got the inner flange rebuilt on one corner of the trunk. Not to hard to do as I just cut some pieces of 18 gauge slightly wider than the original flanges, clamped them in place and then scribed them to the outside of the trunk to cut them to size.

    Already did the short piece in the corner and the longer piece at the bottom clamped in place to weld in.

    Another view. The 3/16" holes are to eventually spot weld the new flanges to the inner structure.

    Tacked in place at the seam joints and on the outside edge. The ruler shows where I will need to build up the edge of the patch with weld also. The patch flange must have bent to far inward when I hammered it over.

    After welding up the seam with a series of small tacks on the edge and beyond to fix the lower edge misalignment.

    First step is to grind the weld flush to the new flange piece on the inside.

    With the trunk flipped over the weld is ground flush to the outer skin and then the face of the edge ground and filed to the correct shape. Looks like I will need to add some welds and extend them more to the center of the trunk as indicated by the sharpie mark.

    After re-welding and filing it out a bit.

    After some grinding looking better. May still need to tweak it a bit but I will do that after it's bolted back on the car to get the gaps correct.

    With the edge rounded off to better match the original shape of the trunk edge.

    Inside all finished up other than the spot welds to the inner structure. Next will be to repeat the process on the other corner and then bolt it back on for final fitting.
    Then I will decide what to work on next. Probably won't be doing anymore epoxy priming until spring as it's too expensive to keep the shop over 60 to 65 degrees this time of year. My shop stays pretty dry so bare metal developing surface rust is a non issue for me.

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    Good evening Brian ,

    The 39 is looking good keep it up.
    That Merc is one bad ass looking ride share some more pictures of it please .

    Thanks Sid

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