Thanks for the kind words guys!!

So on to the firewall replacement. Getting the old one out wasn't as bad as I thought it would be once I decided to not take it out in one piece. I started out with the intention of getting the old one out in 1 piece but it didn't take long to decide that wasn't going to be worth the effort.

Here it is before starting on it. The upper part wasn't in bad shape but the battery box area was pretty rusted out. And since I will be putting a small block engine in eventually the original would have needed to be modified anyway so taking it out to replace it with a recessed version was an easy choice.

After removing the hood support brackets at the top edge, drilling out about 100 spot welds and getting the battery box area cut out and removed.

With the lower section completely removed.

And finally completely removed. I had one of the Bitchin Products replacement front floor pans just set in place approx. where it will end up.

And some shots of the lower cowl area that will need rust repair and some hammer and dolly work.

And the outside of the cowl damage. These shots are of the drivers side. The passenger side is not quite as bad but will still need some repairs as well. The lower sections were made in 2 pieces that were spot welded together so I will probably end up drilling out the spot welds that hold them together, separate them, do the repairs and weld them back in place. About the only way I can see to do it the right way.

Here is a shot of the first fit up of the new firewall. Looks ok in this picture but not fitting very well to the cowl.

The first issue I found was the top part was wider near the top of the firewall while the cowl opening was not.

So I took out a slice at the top corners and pulled it in at the corners. (No picture with it pulled in.) Then checked the fit again but it was still not going up in the opening like it should.

So I set the hood in place to see how that fit to the cowl to figure out if the shape of the cowl was off, or if the shape of the replacement firewall was off. The hood fit pretty well to the cowl so firewall modifications it is.