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Thread: Installing RapidAir system

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    Installing RapidAir system

    You guys getting anything done in your garages lately?

    I'm starting to plumb in the air lines in the (now 1 year old) garage this weekend. I picked up a RapidAir kit and will document the install as I go. For now, I got the pneumatic rollup hose mounted to the cieling between the garage doors.
    This is a heavy duty one, with 1/2 ID hose. Bought it from a friend who picked it up at the swapmeet and ended up not needing it.

    Going to plumb in 3 more ports around the exterior walls of the garage.
    2 on each end of the workbench + one near the sandblast cabinet.
    I'll keep snapin' pics and posting as I go.
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    WC: I have no experience with Rapid Air, but have plumbed several garages for air before. Whatever material you use, you should ensure you have no LOW SPOTS in the lines... ie. ELEVATE the mid portions of your horizontal runs which will cause water collecting inside the pipes to run to your DROPS. Your actual port should come off the drop *horizontally*, and install a 'quick drain' valve at the bottom of each drop.

    If you can, you should install the horizontal runs so that water collecting inside the lines will run back towards the compressor end of the run (and NOT towards your air hookup ends).

    WATER will collect in your lines due to the pressure drop and due to temp drops so just CONTROL the water in your design!

    And don't forget a drain at the bottom of your compressor...

    There used to be some good suggestions for compressed airline design on the TIP *Truman Industrial Products* website. TIP is now using the name 'TP Tools'... https://www.tptools.com/
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