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Thread: FI Tech

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    FI Tech

    Have a 57 BA 400 SM Block, spec'ed to ZZ4. Installed an FI Tech 600HP. Had issues with battery discharge. Come to find you are not suppose to leave the computer hooked to its Power source. No where in the instructions does it say that is a NO NO! Well know you know! Discount till needed.

    FI Tech needs to put that out in the instructions!



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    Red - Main power direct to Battery with Inline Fuse already installed.
    Yellow - Electric Fan - Inline fuse
    Orange - Fuel Pump Power Direct To Pump B+
    Switched Power - Various Sources
    Black - With Timing Control Only - To Coil Neg or MSD White - Throttle Body (Purple and Green) Direct to Distributor.
    Blue - Without Timing Control Only - To Coil Negative

    Black or Blue used NOT both together.


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