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Thread: Chikn's new ride.

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    download a program called Irfanview.

    View images w/that program.

    Go to Options...Properties/Settings. Click on JPG / PCD / GIF on the left side.

    UNCHECK the box to "Auto-rotate image...."

    Now view your side-ways pictures. Click "r" or "l" keyboard button to rotate to the right way. His "s" to save.

    Now post only those saved pictures that are in the right orientation.

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    Looks good if you turn your head sideways; LOL
    24 Year Army Vet ... Very Proud of It...

    Thank You!

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    Thanks teahead. Will do. I have a big ole melon on top of my shoulders and it has a natural lean to it... The pics just looked kinda crooked to me hehe. I'll do better in the future. I should be pulling the 265 and pwr glide out tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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