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Thread: Vintage Air

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    Vintage Air

    Can anyone recommend someone in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, that you had a good experience with, to install a Vintage Air A/C into my ‘55 ?

    383 Stroker, 700r4, Ford 9”

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    IMG_1413 (2).jpgIf you are mechanically inclined, and cannot find a shop to install a/c, do it yourself. I had never installed a/c in a car before installing a/c in my 68 Camaro which was a non-a/c car. Had to read the instructions six times. Scratched my head a lot. It was time consuming. Took it to a shop that evacuates and charges the system. The shop owner asked if It was my first time installing an aftermarket a/c system. I said yes. He quoted me $125 to evacuate the system and charge it. He replied, we'll know soon if you did it right. Thirty minutes later, he said "by Golly it blows cold. I'm only charging you $110 as a professional courtesy." He liked the concealed custom made hoses to the firewall. So, give it a try if you like challenges and want to save $$$.

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    I did mine as well. It was rather challenging especially since my car was effectively "done"... lots more stuff to work around, especially getting the stock defrost ducts out (Mr. Sawzall helped with that).
    This said, careful study of the instructions, and a good dose of patience coupled with some basic skills will prove fruitful, and save considerable $$$

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    You can go to Vintage Air Website and click on "distributors". You put in your zip code and it will tell you who is local to you. It will tell you if they are installers or not.

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    I agree with Chevy Chase. I had never installed AC before I did it in my 71 Chevy pickup. Took some time, and, yes, rereading the instructions a number of times. Since then, I've put in a 56 Studebaker wagon, my 66 Chevelle, my 56 210, and will soon be doing my son-in-law's 67 Chevelle. It gets easier every time, but the satisfaction of doing it yourself is worth it. Give it a go.
    P.S. remove the front seat to do it, I'm too old to try and work around it.

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    Agreed! I didn't have room in my garage to remove the front seat when I was reworking my Vintage Air, so I just undid it and 'moved it back' as far as I could - til it hit the rear seat! We old guys need a little more space and minimizes the contortions we have to go thru!~

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    I used McCains in Richardson for years. Great and honest folks. I just looked them up and they have been bought by Davis Automotive. They still get very good reviews. Here is a link. https://www.mydavisauto.com/


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