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Thread: under table storage

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    under table storage

    More shop cleanup/organizing this weekend. The welding table has always been a catch-all, from something setting on top to the drop cuts of metal underneath. Here's a sample...

    So when we got it to this stage, I really didn't want to put the metal storage back underneath on the floor. It prevents a good sweep down and goes downhill quickly.

    So Mike and I talked about making a shelf under the table and we put some more leftover scraps to good use. 1" square tubing was used to make a support framework and welded to the existing legs.

    Then a scrap piece of diamond plate is used for the shelf. As we didn't want things falling off the side of the shelf, ends were formed in our radius brake.. The diamond plate was too thick for our mag brake or the press brake but this bent it just fine.

    A couple of 1/8 pop rivets into the front crossbar keep the shelf from moving...

    All loaded up, and still good access below for the vacuum cleaner/sweeper.


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    Nice work! Those kinds of simple projects give one a great deal of satisfaction for a relatively small amount of work.. .. not to mention a much neater shop~

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    Charlie Chan says "A surface in the shop is soon cluttered".

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    stop by, i`m a little north of you in pennsylvania! i`ll put ya to work, my beer`s cold!

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    Robert...you never cease to amaze us with the amount of tooling and such that you have stuffed into your workspace. What's that saying..."necessity is the mother of invention".
    Cheers to you guys! I think I'll have a cold beer with ya now.
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