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Thread: Tri-five Power Steering-I Need Educated

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    You don't need (nor can you use) both a 605 steering box AND a rack/pinion steering gear. Both of those items do the same thing in totally different ways.

    The 605 steering box basically replaces the original steering box supplied on our Trifives, but require that you cut your steering shaft and install a rag joint to connect to the 605 (which bolts to the frame the same as or similar to the original box.

    The Rack and Pinion steering is a totally different animal, but accomplishes the same task (controlling the steering angle of the front wheels). Incorporating a rack n pinion into a trifive is not a simple task, nor is it guaranteed to work as you hope.

    Follow Rick's suggestion below and go with the 605 (or the later 500) as a substitute for the original box.
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    605 = BAD CHOICE! BTDT.
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    I was at the local Chevy restoration dealers house a while back and he had a stack of 605 boxes laying in the rain rusting. No one wants them anymore, your car drives bad and they leak.

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