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Thread: 57-150 horn button

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    57-150 horn button

    having trouble with my 57 - 150 horn and getting it to work , I may not have all the correct parts for the 150 . anyone have a diagram ( exploded view ) I can see . My button and retainer is correct , dont know about the contact spring ect . appreciate any help.

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    The fact that your car is a 150 shouldn't matter re the horn components inside the wheel. Except that I see that the 150 doesn't have a 'horn ring', just a button. I'm unsure if there's an internal difference but it would surprise me if different parts were used...?

    I took a look (fast look) thru the AIM and did not see anything, maybe the service manual shows details and differences (if any?)..

    57 horn kit and diagram.jpg

    This is from an ebay ad for a horn kit for sale, but it shows all the parts and has a diagram. You should be able to zoom into the photo to read the instructions and see the parts.

    If this doesn't help, maybe someone with a 150 model who has had their horn parts apart can help...
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