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Thread: Thoughts - 6 January, 2021

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    The left is going to ruin this country, end of story.

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    Blaming this epidemic on Trump isn't very well thought out. If you want to pick a politician to blame then how about the Obama/Biden administration who sent many millions of of our tax dollars $$ to that exact lab before (and after) they left office. And what about Bill Gates (A democrat liberal supporter) who also gave that exact lab several million $$... Did they use it to improve their processes? OR did they use it to militarize flu bugs? That same lab had allowed prior influenza bugs to *escape* their facility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enigma57 View Post
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but some folks strike me as having a rather loose grasp on reality.

    As such...... It becomes a question of which came first...... The chicken or the egg?

    Or put another way...... Do you hate President Trump because you actually believe all the lies, disinformation and misinformation the Marxist globalists masquerading as 'Democrats' and the Capitalist globalists masquerading as 'establishment Republicans' put out through their highly partisan media propagandists?

    Or do you just hate him for the sake of hating him and use the lies, disinformation and misinformation put out through the media propagandists as a pretext to justify and rationalize your own unreasoning hatred of the man? And by extension...... All who support him?

    I've wondered about that for some time now......

    Quote Originally Posted by scorpion1110 View Post
    Because HALF A MILLION AMERICANS died during his watch, and if you are the president, CEO, General whatever its YOUR responsibility. More Americans died under his watch than in WWII, KOREA,VIET NAM COMBINED. How many heroes in those conflicts gave their lives to save a life.

    And before you hop back on your soapbox and start quoting every far right biased media outlet and every Talking Head who will spout any possible conspiracy because conspiracies are easy in that they dont require facts, consider this:

    If Donald J. Trump had encouraged Americans to wear masks instead of politicizing it and trying to make it a display of his manhood, at least one of those 500,000 Americans who died would still be alive, and if you can save a single life you do it. Because life is about what you can do to help others. If I could give my life to bring my father back I would do it in one second.

    If you wear a mask and it is indeed effective in reducing the Covid-19 transmission then what a tremendous thing to do for another person, and if it doesnt, then so what its just a DAMN mask.

    Thats why he deserves to be out of office.
    Scorpion...... If I understand you correctly......

    1. Your Father passed because he succumbed to the Wuhan coronavirus?

    2. You blame President Trump for his passing?

    First of all, please accept our family's most heartfelt condolences on your Father's passing. Losing a loved one is always tough, especially a parent. So far, our family has lost my wife's Mom and we very nearly lost my younger sister to the coronavirus, as well.

    We are just as bereaved and angry as are you over your Father's passing. A week after testing positive and starting treatment the following day, my Mom-in-Law was taken from her assisted living facility in Tomball, Texas to a hospital nearby when her breathing became laboured. We could not visit her nor hold her hand there because of hospital policy during the pandemic. We were able to see her and wave to her through a glass enclosure a couple of times and we felt fortunate to at least do that. She saw us and waved back. Gave us a thumbs up. She fought hard to stay with us, but 10 days after she was taken to hospital, she passed. Gloria Jean was 94 and full of life. Sharp as a tack mentally. Just needed assistance with mobility issues. Had she not caught the coronavirus, we believe she would have been with us a good many years to come. She rests now with her husband in the Veterans Cemetery here.

    My younger sister lives in a rural area up in the Texas hill country a few counties West of Austin. She just turned 68 this past week. Her husband passed several years ago and she went through a really tough time with the coronavirus. Local hospitals near to her were/are full up, so her doctor had her taking medication at her home. For nearly 2 weeks, alone in her mobile home, she fought through it and thanks to G-d, she survived. Shortly after, the ice and snow storm came through her area and temperatures dropped to 5 degrees. Fortunately, she was called into town by her employer to stay at the hotel where she worked to keep it open during the storm so people could get off the impassable roads there and shelter down until the roads were again passable.

    So yes...... We are angry on both counts, same as you are about your Father's passing. Because like yourself...... We feel it was unnecessary. The difference (at least as I believe I understand from your post) being...... We do not blame President Trump for Gloria Jean's death and for what Sis endured. For we know full well that he acted quickly and decisively in early 2020 to do all that could be done to minimize the danger to Americans once it began to be known what the CCP had done and that rather than asking for our assistance early on and containing it in China, they lied about the release from their bio-weapon lab at Wuhan and allowed the virus to spread worldwide.

    I realize that you blame the President for your Father's death and that is your right to feel that way if you choose to. But the truth is......

    * The CCP and Bill Gates are the reason there was a release of this bio-weapon at all. Whether you give them the benefit of the doubt as to whether the release was accidental due to ineptitude on their part...... Or intentional. The fact remains that they have the blood of millions worldwide on their hands.

    * I do not understand your inference that President Trump somehow caused anyone not to wear a mask. His one-time Corona Task Force advisor (Dr. Fauci, who now occupies an even higher post within the Biden regime) did in fact flip-flop more than once on whether masks are effective against the Coronavirus or not. I won't bore you with linking to his statements to that effect published in May of 2020 in the New England Journal of Medicine. He said it and that's a fact. And although President Trump had Fauci as a member of his task force and listened to his recommendations whilst formulating policy...... I do not recall the president ever publicly taking that stand himself.

    Yes, both factions of the Washington political establishment to their discredit have politicized the pandemic for what they apparently (and wrongly) believe will result in political advantage. And both are wrong to do so.

    Bottom line...... The coronavirus is real. And we should all take whatever we consider to be reasonable, common sense precautions against it. It is not going away anytime soon and will continue to mutate into new strains for some while to come. Just as any well designed bio-weapon can be expected to do. And our extended family will continue to take common sense precautions because to do otherwise and risk not only our own lives, but the lives of others is not only foolishly arrogant, but downright stupid.

    Anyway...... I just want to say that like yourself, my wife and I are angry as hell at those responsible for this pandemic. Our only disagreement with your opinion on the subject seems to be at whose feet to lay blame. And like yourself, we would do anything we could to bring her Mom back if it were possible. But its not and now we must learn to live with our loss as so many others all over the world are having to do.

    With great sadness on your loss,

    Harry and Family
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    You need a new hobby Harry. You are sucking the life out of the Trivfive hobby. I have a 57 Chevy model car which you should have to work on, and be more productive with your time.
    I have to wait until I get my car on the road, so I can put this model together.
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