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Thread: 57 Belair info

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    57 Belair info

    A friend has a 1977 Belair 4dr hardtop that has been sitting in his barn for many years. It has all the factory options. He calls it a "Brass Hat" edition. Can anyone tell us anything about this car?

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    I have never seen a 77 Belair 4ht, I thought 76 was about last year of Belair, it was a cheap car by then Impala and Caprice topped it. Ifits a 57 never heard of a Brass Hat edition.
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    Brass hat car is usually a reference to a car that was ordered by an executive of the car company. At least that is my understanding.

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    Six I worked for a Buick dealer from 1964-66 and that is the definition I remember. When I was 19 in 1966 I drove a 66 Wildcat convertible from Monroe, LA to New Orleans that was a Brass Hat car. I then flew back to Monroe on Southern Airways on a DC3. Yes I am old but that was a fun trip for a 19 year old. Assuming the OP is really talking about a 57 it is interesting to know that it would have been a Brass Hat car after all these years but all the options would make sense.
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